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In our rapidly changing world it has become increasingly difficult to establish the community bonds that unite people. Our friends, and more importantly, our children’s friends, move out of one village to another, or even off island, as our families or careers dictate. Those of us who cherish a close-knit community have to create our own by joining together with people with whom we share similar interests, concerns, and values.

At Brilliant Star, students know that they belong, that they are respected, and that they are cared for not only by their parents, but by the larger community of fellow students, teachers, and other parents in the school, many of whom have known them almost all their lives.

Brilliant Star brings together families who have chosen to identify with a common commitment to the shared concerns, values, and expectations they have for their children. We come from different backgrounds, but our sense of community exists in spite of, or perhaps because of it.

Brilliant Star teaches us to understand and appreciate cultural differences and shared human values: universal peace and unity.

Parents as Ambassadors

You, as parents, have played a crucial role in the success of Brilliant Star. It has been word of mouth, more than anything else, which has generated interest in the School. Please continue to share your enthusiasm with the community.

The enrollment process has been put in place to help interested parents learn about the school and to see if the School is a good match for their family. Interested parents are required to first attend one of the Parent Evenings, then to attend a classroom observation, and finally a meeting with the school Principal. More than anything else, we look for families who seek to understand and support the vision and the curriculum of the School.

Please feel free to invite interested parents to the Parent Evenings, as this is the first step towards enrolling their child.



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