Parent Conferences

Two parent conferences will be scheduled during the year. Additional conferences will be scheduled upon request.

Evaluation of Student Progress

Brilliant Star’s curriculum is carefully structured and sequenced and the teachers maintain careful records of each student’s progress. Because we do not compare students against an arbitrary standard or the performance of their classmates, we do not use familiar letter grades. Instead, parents receive a detailed report of their child’s progress in each area of the curriculum. Because of the rapid changes that take place at the Toddler and Primary levels, all feedback and evaluation are verbally presented in the parent conferences. At the elementary level, written reports are provided in addition to the parent conferences.

Transitioning from One Level to the Next

The transition from the Toddler environment to the Primary program, and later from the Primary program to the Elementary level is initiated by the child. When the child has mastered all of the activities within the environment and feels socially ready to move on towards a more mature environment the child is welcome to do so at their own pace. (Toddlers must be toilet trained before entering the Primary classroom.) The teacher acts as a guide in this process and encourages independent exploration. The child leads the whole process.

Parent Education Evenings

It is widely recognized that the success of any educational program is highly dependent upon the role and support of the child’s parents. Brilliant Star will be holding periodic Parent Education Evenings that are aimed at helping you gain a deep appreciation of the activities in the classroom. We will also provide forums to discuss various issues facing parents. If there are particular topics that you would like to see covered, please let the Principal know.  Because of your importance in the education of your child, attendance at these evenings is required.

How can I find out what my child is doing in school?

  1. Ask your child questions that are more specific. “Did you do a counting lesson today? Did you build the tower or work with colors?”

  2. Set up a time to observe your child in class.

  3. Stop in after school and talk to your child’s teacher, or set up an appointment for a formal conference if you prefer.

  4. Come to school meetings and workshops.

  5. Play school with your child at home. Sometimes children will show you through their play what they are learning.

  6. Be patient. In time it will be obvious that your child is growing and learning everyday.

Parent Education



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