Brilliant Star has an ambitious long-range vision.  Our goal is to not only become a truly world-class school, but to become a model for educational excellence, character training, and family partnership.  Students at Brilliant Star have the opportunity to participate in an internationally renowned curriculum.

Based on the unique character of the school and its internationally renowned curriculum, enrollment has steadily grown and we have extended the school through the elementary grades.  To ensure the educational leadership needed to realize these dreams, the school is dedicated to the pedagogical approach defined by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), a widely recognized and respected organization that certifies Montessori schools and teachers worldwide.

Today the sense of transformation vibrates through the campus; evidence of the commitment Brilliant Star has to create something of lasting value for our children and the Saipan community.

Our Vision Statement

The activities of any school take place in an environment that is imbued with a particular vision of the world, the family, the child, the parent, the teacher, and the role of education.  Our vision emphasizes that the ultimate goal of education is not only the advancement of the individual, but more importantly the betterment of humanity.  Brilliant Star is animated by the vision that:

Universal peace and unity is the inevitable goal towards which we strive.

• The Family is the bedrock of human society.  The peace and unity of society is dependent upon the peace and unity of the family.

• The Child is the promise and guarantee of the future.  Children bear the seeds of the character of future society and are in need of guidance and training.

• The Parent is the primary educator of the child.  Parents exercise indispensable influence through the home environment they consciously create.

• The Teacher is a model and a guide.  The role of the teacher is to bring forth from the child whatever perfections and capacities are within, assisting the child to reach his/her highest level of achievement.

• Education is the indispensable foundation of all human excellence.  Education is crucial to the realization of true human potential and to enable the individual to render service to the world of humanity.

Our Vision



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