Our Mission

The mission of Brilliant Star is to provide an environment that will help children develop four key qualities:

• Global Understanding.  We recognize that the world of the 21st century is one of increasing interdependence among peoples and nations of the world.  Our children will be comfortable as “world citizens”, with a global perspective and understanding of issues.  They will be free from prejudices of race, national origin, ethnicity, language, economic status and religion.  They will recognize the equality of the sexes, and will celebrate the diversity of the world’s peoples and cultures.  Our children will be promoters of unity.

• Service to Humanity.  We recognize that meaning and happiness come from selfless service to others.  Our children will strive to find ways to serve others – their families, their communities, and humanity as a whole.

• Exemplary Character.  We recognize that ultimately, the strength of one’s character is the essence of one’s self.  Character is that set of virtues that are developed in an individual.  Our children will develop, foremost amongst their virtues, truthfulness, trustworthiness, kindness, courtesy, compassion, confidence, joyfulness and humility.  They will be emotionally and spiritually balanced individuals.

• Creative Minds.  The creative mind is one that can bring knowledge to bear on new situations and challenges.  To this end, our children will be well versed in the branches of knowledge, with emphasis on mathematics, literature, science, history and arts.  They will learn to independently investigate reality, to seek intelligently, to discover things for themselves, and to depend upon their own reason and judgment.  They will practice applying this body of knowledge and this set of skills to the challenges around them, and to use their minds as agents of meaningful change in their communities.



Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm




PO Box 502198

Saipan, MP  96950

Tel: 670.323.7827 (STAR)


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