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Tel: 670.323.7827 (STAR)


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The Board of Directors


Brilliant Star is a non-profit school governed by a Board of Directors.  The primary functions of the Board are

  1. to establish the school’s institutional mission and define the fundamental objectives and core values; 

  2. to establish policies under which the school will operate; 

  3. to select a school leader who will translate the school’s mission and objectives into day-to-day operations;

  4. to oversee the on-going operation of the school within board policy and government regulations, and

  5. to look to the future and plan for long-term institutional growth and development.

Board Members

Sarah Fryling

Barbara Sher

Skye Seo

Nancy Gottfried

Ivan Illmov

Administrative Structure

Brilliant Star has established an administrative structure to better meet the needs of its children, families and staff.  The Board of Directors, while establishing the overall direction of the school, works closely with the school Principal, who is involved with the daily operations of the school.  The primary role of the Principal is to articulate the vision and mission of the school, to provide academic leadership, take leadership in the admissions and recruitment process, build community among students and families, recruit and guide faculty members and staff, oversee the financial health of the school, serve as the school’s primary spokesman to the larger community, and lead the process of internal self-evaluation and long-term planning.

The Principal works with various individuals and committees to execute his responsibilities.  The Administrative Office and staff exist to assist the Principal efficiently and successfully fulfill his duties and responsibilities.

Richard Sikkel, Principal

Liza Castro, Administrative Support