Full-day students can bring their lunch to school each day or order school lunch. The office will provide the monthly lunch menu in advance.

Lunch is a peaceful time during which the children often listen to various musical compositions.

Please do not send your child with lunch-boxes with cartoons, superhero or fantasy characters.

Cups and cutlery are provided. Please include a reusable freezer block to keep perishables fresh.

Brilliant Star places great emphasis on the importance of good nutrition as the first step to a lifelong wellness education program. Lunch is an important part of not only your child’s school day, but of her health education, and we count on you to work with your child to teach her about health and nutrition.

We all want to pack lunches that our children will eat. The challenge is to help them discover that wholesome, low-fat sugar-free foods can taste even better than junk food and don’t have the negative effects on our bodies.

Please do not send your child in with sugary desserts or drinks. Please, NO SODAS! At Brilliant Star, the children tend to quickly develop the habit of drinking water. If you do want to send in a prepared drink, read the labels and look for 100% pure fruit juices.

All uneaten foods that can be contained will be sent home. You’ll want to monitor your child’s lunch box to see what they like and dislike, and to determine the correct amount of food to pack. We appreciate your care in preparing a good lunch.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the school to heat up children’s lunches. If your child requires a hot lunch, please send the food with a “hot pack” or in a thermos. However, be aware, that food that is left warm for several hours can go bad.


As part of the practical life skills in the toddler and primary classrooms, the children will prepare a snack each day.

Special Dietary Restrictions

Some students may follow a special diet for religious or medical reasons. Please be sure to notify the teachers if your child should avoid certain foods. This will be taken into account in planning snacks or on days when the class prepares its own lunch.

Lunch and Snacks



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