Program Hours

Morning Arrival

Students may be brought to school between 8:00 and 8:15.  The school assigns staff to greet children as they arrive and to assist younger children in getting to class. If you prefer to walk your child to class, please do not enter the classroom, as this is disruptive to the children and teachers at work.

Late Arrival

When arriving later than 8:30 children must check into the school office. This is important for two reasons. First, it is very distracting to the class to have parents walking their children down to the classroom after class has begun. Secondly, children at this age don’t know how to tell time yet, and they may not even be aware of being late. Checking into the office first helps the child realize that they are late, and helps to develop courtesy and responsibility.

Picking your child up early

Naturally, there will be occasions when you will need to take your child out of school early for a doctor’s appointment or similar obligation. To ensure that your child will be ready, please send a note to the teachers letting them know the time that you will be picking her up. When you arrive at school, you will need to stop by the office to sign your child out and pick up an early dismissal slip.


All Brilliant Star students, even our youngest, are expected to attend school on a daily basis, arriving at the designated arrival times, before the start of class.

Even though Brilliant Star is less formal and more flexible than many schools, consistent attendance and prompt arrival are still essential.

Elementary students are expected to be in class by 8:00 a.m. and to be present in class for the full session. Late arrival is disruptive and inconsiderate to the rest of the class, and nothing can be more disruptive to a child’s education than irregular attendance. Consistency and routine are important to every child’s development, but they are especially important for toddlers and primary students.

We depend on your family’s full support in this area. If we find that your child is arriving late more than three times in three months we will need to meet to work out a solution.

It is understandable that every once in a while we all love to take a little vacation from school. While we are fairly understanding and supportive, it is still important that you keep you child’s absences from school to a minimum.

Although our program is individualized, it still depends upon consistency and continuous progress. Every time a child misses school for whatever reason there is a period of readjustment as she tries to get back into the routine of her work. The longer the absence, or when a child consistently misses a day or two of school here and there, the more detrimental it becomes to his educational development.

Whenever your child has missed a day or more of school for whatever reason, please stop by the office to fill out an absence form.

Whenever your child needs to be excused early from school, please send in a note to the teachers indicating the nature of the absence and the time when you will want her to be excused from class.

Tropical Storms and Typhoons

In keeping with standards in the CNMI, school will close when we enter tropical storm Condition 2 or typhoon Condition 2. As storms approach, please stay tuned to local radio and TV stations. If school is in session when Condition 2 is declared, please come to school to pick up your child early.



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