As a school that emphasizes both character development and intellectual development, Brilliant Star expects students to demonstrate kindness, courtesy, and respect toward the school and fellow students, parents, teachers, and staff.

The goals are to establish a safe, warm and caring environment within which students learn positive and appropriate ways to handle situations; to develop a strong sense of self-discipline, responsibility and courtesy; and to develop an atmosphere conducive to peaceful studies.

When anyone at Brilliant Star finds it difficult to follow the school’s expectations about interpersonal conduct, we will quickly bring the student, family, and staff together to work toward a solution.

We follow an approach based on empowerment, mutual respect, and trust. Neither corporal punishment, nor physical or emotional intimidation, is allowed at Brilliant Star. If anyone consciously or flagrantly violates the social contract regarding safety, kindness, and courtesy, our response is to identify the appropriate and natural consequences of their actions. For example, if something is purposely broken, it must be replaced or repaired, preferably not by the parents alone, but by the students whose actions led to the damage.

At the Primary level and above, and with some older toddlers, children are aware that hitting, pushing and other similar physical acts are not acceptable expressions of emotions. Children often display such behavior out of frustration; nevertheless, the behavior is not acceptable. Brilliant Star has a “Zero Tolerance” policy towards such behaviors.

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