Initially, it can be difficult for parents and young children to separate at the beginning of the school year, and even after holidays.  

Many young children and their parents feel a bit nervous when they leave one another in an unfamiliar situation. If this is your young child’s first year at Brilliant Star, we encourage you to visit campus frequently before school to allow him to become familiar with the new setting so that transitioning into Brilliant Star will be smooth and joyous. Come have a picnic one weekend. Walk the grounds. Be reassuring as you talk with your child about her new school. Parents and students will have an Open House before school starts when children can visit the classroom and meet their new teachers.

As the developmental needs and characteristics of toddler and primary children differ greatly so do their environments. Accordingly, the procedures for the first days of school differ between the two environments.

For toddlers, parents are encouraged to come into the classroom and stay until their child is feeling comfortable. Parents transition themselves out of the classroom over a period of time that varies in length from child to child.

For primary students we have found that a short and positive good-bye is easiest for the child. The prolonged or lingering good-bye often makes the separation more difficult. It is very important to reassure him about where you will be during the day, and by what time you will pick him up. The teachers are wonderful in helping children through these situations.

What to Bring to School

Your child should bring the following items on the first day of school:

  • Indoor shoes with soft soles (no open back flapping slippers).

  • Extra set of clothes, shirt, pants, underwear, socks (change of clothes bag is provided).

  • Several extra pairs of underwear for Toddlers.

You may wish to clearly mark all items with your child’s name.

Please do not send your child to school with backpacks, pens, paper, markers, stickers, candy or toys.

First Days of Class



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