It is very important for teachers and parents to establish and maintain close communication. Please feel free to ask questions or discuss anything related to your child’s progress. We ask, however, that you understand that the teacher’s responsibility during school is to the students.

Morning arrival in particular is a very sensitive period when the teachers are greeting each student and setting a calm, pleasant tone for the day. Interruptions need to be kept to a minimum. If you must speak with the teacher in the morning, please make arrangements to meet before school begins. Otherwise you can correspond via a note and the teachers will get back to you by phone or will send a note to set up a conference as needed.

The classroom teachers are also available on a daily drop-in basis to meet with parents to discuss concerns. All the teachers are available daily Monday to Friday 3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Informal and regular meetings between parents and teachers are encouraged, appreciated, and necessary for your child’s happy and healthy development.

"Joy is the indication of internal growth." – Maria Montessori

Communication between Home and School



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