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Shapely Pancakes

Gryphon’s dad Nathan stopped by to make ‘Animals of Asia’ shaped pancakes in Ms. Rita’s class during our International month. Nathan’s creations are a true work of art and has earned him the title of master crepetier, he is also lovingly known as the crepenator. Maybe he’ll be back!  

World Forestry Day

Brilliant Star student planting trees at the Department of Health on Navy Hill    

Whale bones in American Memorial Park

The elementary students combined PE today with a fieldtrip to the Environmental Expo in American Memorial Park. We walked, yes walked, down to AMP for a first hand look at the bones of the Byrdes Whale that beached itself in Tinian a few years ago. Pretty impressive stuff, the earbones alone are the size of a softball, the jaws can easily fit 4 or 5 of our elementary
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