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Morning Arrivals and Afternoon Pick Up

Below a friendly reminder of our morning arrival and afternoon pick up procedure. Morning Arrival: Students may be brought to school between 8:00 and 8:15. School staff greets children as they arrive and assist younger children in getting to class. If you prefer to walk your child to class, please do not enter the classroom, as this is disruptive to the children and teachers at
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Russian Dumplings anyone?

During our regular Friday afternoon art lesson, we were blessed with a very special lesson in the culinary arts of dumpling making.  Nastya’s mother and grandmother taught the children how to make Pelmeny – a meat and onion filled dumpling.  The children learned how to roll out the dough, stuff in the filling and finish the edges with style.  But the fun didn’t stop
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Halloween fun

A big thanks to Ms. Carol for coming in and helping to make our Halloween so much fun!  Carol provided the children with a wonderful historical background about how Halloween became a holiday and different ways that it is celebrated around the world.

Our Thankful Feast

Dear Parents and Friends, We will be having our annual Thankful Feast in our classroom on Tuesday, November 22nd from noon until 1pm. All families are invited. This event is a potluck and our sign up sheet is posted by our classroom door. Hui and I will point it out when you are picking up/dropping off your children. We’d love it if we could
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November News (Ms. Rita)

THANK YOU! I want to start by saying Thank You to all of the families who attended our parent conferences. I hope you found them as meaningful as enjoyable as I did. It really is a pleasure to spend time with all of you. For the time and effort parents and staff put into this years garage sale. These fundraising events definitely serve the
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